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Product View
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Within Elovate you can easily manage your product data from our Product View. To open your product view, simply click on the product name within the product grid.

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Within the Product View, we have multiple tabs:

  • Attributes: divided between your store's required attributes and additional attributes

  • SEO: your store's default SEO attributes

  • Categories: your store's category tree

  • Prices: your store's default price attributes

  • Media: media manager to easily manage your product's images

  • Options: selected product options (Magento's customizable options)

  • Variations: linked child products (in case of configurable product)

  • Relations: upsell products, related products and crosssell products


Elovate has divided the product's attributes into required and additional.

The required attributes are based on your Magento settings. Once an attribute is set to required, it will show up in the left column of the 'Attributes' tab.

The additional attributes are based on all other non-required attributes. With Elovate, these attributes will change based on your selected attribute set.

Attribute groups

Within Elovate, you can easily bundle your attributes into groups. NOTE: this functionality is only applicable for Content Enrichment users. Templates created with Content Enrichment can be used for the Product View and vice versa. More info about the Product Templates can be found here.


With the Elovate Product View, you can easily manage the assigned product's categories. The 'Categories' tab contains an easy to use search filter and will display the selected categories in the right sidebar.

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Besides being able to import images via the Import App, with the Elovate Media Manager you can easily add, update or delete images from your products.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 13.53.11.png

By simply dragging your images into the image box, or selecting them manually, you can add your images to your product. By default you can select the role for each image. At this moment, the default Magento image roles are supported: image, small_image and thumbnail.

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