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How to create product templates?
How to create product templates?
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Product templates are commonly used to save a set of attributes you wish to either view or enrich. Currently, product templates are available for both the product grid and content enrichment.

Product templates - general settings

You can create and adjust templates if you naviage to General settings > Product templates. When you press 'create new product template' you can start templating.

Template name

This is where you give a unique name to your template for easy identification.

Use in
Select where you want to use this template. Options typically include product grid and content enrichment.

Filter attributes by attribute set

This allows you to filter attributes based on attribute sets, making it easier to manage and organize your templates.

Hide defaut attributes on product page

You can choose to hide default attributes on the product page to declutter and focus on the attributes you've selected.

Select & selected attributes

Here, you can select and arrange attributes according to your preference. Selected attributes are those you've chosen to include in the template


In this product template, I've selected three attributes. The template has been saved and is now ready for use.

Now, when I navigate to Content Enrichment, I can easily select these attributes by simply choosing the template.

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