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How to create a useful task?
How to create a useful task?
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Choose store to build the collection

Determine the store for which you want your data to be used as input.

Choose how to store your data

Determine to which store you want to send your data to. Global will send the data to 'All Store Views'. Selecting a specific store will send the data to this specific store view.

Which entity would you like to enrich
Select either products, categories or categories & Products

'Get products from these categories'

This option enables you to filter proactively without using the rule builder. You have the possibility to select products from categories.

Configure products you would like to add to your task

You can utilize the rule builder to initiate quality checks on products. The Elovate rule builder is versatile, allowing you to create rules based on attributes. Here's a quick and useful example to check products that are enabled, visible in catalog search, and lack descriptions, short descriptions, and meta descriptions.

Do you want to create your own or a predefined task?

  • Own: Ability to select any attribute based on your Magento 2 installation.

  • Select a predefined task: 'All attributes, all required attributes, all filterable attributes, etc.'

  • Select from a template: Choose a template or create a new one. More information on product templates can be found in this article: 'How to create product templates?'

Which attributes do you want to edit?
​If you selected 'create your own task' you get to select your attributes here, these attributes are based on your magneto2 installation. ​

Which attributes would you like to see in extra information?

To simplify the work for your content writers, you can select attributes here that you wish to preview in the job without editing. The goal is to provide additional information that could assist content writers in writing more easily or accurately.

Keep existing content in selected attributes

Prefill the attributes with current content, otherwise it will be empty.

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