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How to create a translation job?
How to create a translation job?
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Now that you've created a translaton settings you can now easily make a translation job. Navigate to APPS > Translations > Jobs. In the top right press: 'Add new translation job'. You can select your translation setting you've previously made. The following fields will be auto-filled based on your prevously made translation settings:

  • Which translation provider would you like to use?

  • Automatically translate items in this job

  • Automatically sync items to web shop after translation

You do still have the option to change the settings regardless of the auto fill.

Translation type

You have the option to choose between a one-time translation or continuous translation.

One time translation:
As the name suggests, occurs only once. Once you execute the job, a one-time translation is performed.

Continuous translation:
Also translates when a job is executed. However, after completion, continuous translations continually monitor for any new or updated content. When new content is created or existing content is updated, Elovate recognizes this and translates the content again. This ensures that store views consistently maintain the same data and functions.

Force translation

When your source content is different then your target content, you can force translation to overwrite target content.

Remove links

This setting will remove all the anchors in the translated content

Give your translation job a name

Please assign a fitting name to your job. This will assist your team in identifying the type of translation that has been performed.

Select human moderators
Choose who will have moderation privileges. Moderators have the ability to sync items to Magento, while editors do not.

Which entity would you like to translate?

You can select an entity (products, categories, attributes, pages and blocks)you wish to translate. If you want to translate multiple entities, create another translation job for each additional entity.

Which elements would you like to translate?

You can choose to either select all attributes at once or pick them individually. These attributes are derived from your Magento 2 installation.
​Create jobs by pre defined tasks?
Choose 'Create my own task': When selected, you can utilize the rule builder to filter your translation results. Once you've finished filtering, click on the gray box labeled 'results found, click here to create the custom terminology'.

​Custom terminology

You can proactively decide on specific translations for certain words. For example (ENG - NL), if you have the word 'container' and translate it with DeepL, it will translate as 'container'. However, by utilizing custom terminology, you could input: 'container' to 'afvalbak'. This allows you to maintain your preferred word choice. The terminology check is based on an exact match.


The final step is to press save, this will start the translation process.

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